Sunday, January 3, 2010

Sunday late afternoon

I had such a hard time getting myself going today, what happens with me this time of year, most every year. The sun never came out, a cold, grey, damp day. Never made it outside but did about 10 minutes of the Kate Winslet exercise plan (one doesn't have to work out hard every day, does one?). Kept the home fires burning literally. The wonderful WKZE weekly radio program, Women of Note, is now on (thank you, Jerrice, for playing Penelope again (Penelope, Penelope, are you lonely/crazy just like me?), I poured a glass of rose, vacuumed the downstairs and two-thirds up the stairs, and am now searing lamb shanks in step one of Bobby Flay's oven-braised lamb shanks with toasted orzo recipe. It's an awesome dish, much more involved than my usual recipes, I make it just once a year. We've been collecting 'manager's special' lamb shanks at the supermarket the last couple of months - and today my husband scored a fourth. The stars, lamb shanks, and a snow day aligned, so here I am. I cut a few corners on the recipe but really, the combination of seared lamb shanks braised in red wine, stock, and fragrant mirepoix (diced celery, carrot, and onion), served with roast-garlic-infused toasted orzo, and roasted plum tomatoes (thawed from September's farmstand harvesting) - it's wonderful.

Time to turn the shanks. Later.

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