Saturday, January 16, 2010

Columbia County orbital

Such a pleasant day today, sunny and mild. Lunched out on the porch, sun warm on my face. Neighbor brought us two beautiful boules of sourdough from the city, which occasioned a drive
to Old Chatham in the afternoon for sheep's milk camembert. It was on sale ($10, usually $14) so I bought a wedge of their divine blue too. The ginger yogurt was an afterthought. The ginger itself was a revelation, raw, finely minced and lightly sweetened, with honey I imagine. Perhaps it was candied ginger? (Hmmmm. I just dug in - I should have read the label!) But what a delicious snack, completely satisfying. It fortified me for my walk later on at the conservation area, just as the sun was sinking behind the mountains, setting the sky aglow. That, and a find of fresh roses for the house - a lovely day.

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