Thursday, January 14, 2010

Analyzing the stats

Page hits from dear reader

Pre-12/24: Who knows how many page hits from him before this date? Lost to sands of time unless willing to pay $9.95 to increase log size from 500 to 1000. Tempting but obsessive. Does it matter? Desist.
12/24: 64 Oh my.
12/25: 85
12/26: No record. Did I mess up count? Original data expired. Could retrieve if pay $9.95. Be sensible. View 12/25-26 as combined.
12/27: 66
12/28: 40
12/29: 26
12/30: 22
12/31: 18
1/1: 22 1st hit at 00:14:25. Happy New Year, d...
1/2: 9
1/3: 4
1/4: 2 Monday. Sharp dropoff suggests resolution, return to work, or both. Also yesterday I rashly emailed him of my discovery of his page hits. Have I learned nothing from the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle?
1/5: 2
1/6: 1
1/7: 1
1/8: 2 Dear me, the man is disciplined. Unless it's something else.
1/9: 0 !!!! Was it something I said?
1/10: 1 Page hit from Waco, TX, a day's drive or more from his house. Why Waco? Is it him? But who else would go straight to the "embowered bird" post? Or is there a penitentiary there that houses a Byron-loving inmate with internet access? However arguable my grip is on reality - no, that I cannot believe.
1/11: 0 On the road? Invisible RSS feed? Lost all interest?
1/12: 0
1/13: 0 2 mystery hits from Brooklyn. Red herrings?

And what about the very odd excited look the gallery owner gave me as she rushed up to me and beamed that time? And F collected my note from the planter. Who for?

Continue to analyze numbers and connect dots wherever they may lead.

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