Saturday, January 30, 2010

par avion

Just know I play this song for you and wait, wait for me now.
I can't tell you what a comfort it is to play this song over and over again.

Now that Mr. NFS is en vacances, I started to think about my one and only time in Paris, three days or thereabouts in early 1983. And I'm wondering why you and I corresponded in 1983-84 - I don't remember the circumstances. But thinking about the Paris trip - I was visiting my friend from college who was spending her junior year abroad at the the Univ. of London. I had graduated already, and was living in Oakland with a guy who I fell in with from a series of missteps--

Oh anyway, cutting to the chase, the Paris weekend was a disaster. I had very little money on me, my friend & I got in a terrible argument, I never saw the Eiffel Tower, and what comes back to me very strongly now - was how I would have liked to experience Paris, my first time there, under entirely different circumstances - with you, of course, and I think that my letters to you from that time, if they are after that trip (yes they are - you have a photo of me from the Tuileries) simply must mention that fact.

[Although I realize, as you wrote to me, that long ago you destroyed that correspondence. But still.]

Another random memory has also surfaced - another perfume I wore for a time - after Miss Dior, after je reviens, but before molinard de molinard I think (which I'm now thinking that my sister bought for me, though that seems odd) - was Cristalle, by Chanel. That was a lovely fragrance - Miss Dior-like, but crisper, lighter, fresher - truly "daytime" in the sense that neither of us is interested in at the moment.

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