Sunday, May 29, 2011

My dear, just a quick post this evening I'm exhausted from a whirlwind day. Managed to clean the entire house top to bottom, including bathrooms, kitchen floor & surfaces, and vacuuming most everything, spurred on by a couple of carrots, twin prospects - fresh new bars of lemon verbena soap, reward for cleaning the bath; Werner Herzog's Cave of Forgotten Dreams playing at the indie cinema in Rhinebeck - along with a deadline: leaving the house by 1:40 to be in plenty of time for the 3:10 screening. (It's a 45 minute drive, but I like to allow for extra time in case the movie sells out - which happened to me once, after that long drive - and to allow time for parking, especially on a holiday weekend.)

Maybe I'll blog (or maybe not) about the movie more tomorrow - it was really wonderful, not so much the documentary itself (which was fine, I don't mean some passive-aggressive criticism) but the sheer miracle of the opportunity to witness the most remarkable, perfect, exquisite, lovely, loving images created in such masterly, sure strokes & colorations some 30,000 years ago. The story is remarkable. I don't know... still absorbing the images, thinking about it. I do hope you get a chance to see it, I hope it's playing near where you are - truly - I think it's a must-see, as a human being - homo sapiens, and, as in a notion brought forth in the film, homo spiritualis.

My sweet, I will sign off now, with very many kisses.

I love that image of Pablo & Dora. It completely reminds me of you and me. I think we resemble them, or are somehow physically (or in some spiritual or other quality) reminiscent of them. Or perhaps they were an archetypal couple - and so are we? Oh - who knows - but I do love that image - its immediacy, their individuality, vitality, companionability - and the resonances, echoing, refracting, past to present and back again, of you & me.

Many kisses, darling. I hope you're having a wonderful relaxing weekend.


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