Wednesday, May 11, 2011

At low ebb a bit today, and now feeling a little stunned & reflective, having googled myself, something that, honestly, I rarely do. I'll google others, as a way to keep my mind moving sometimes when I'm sitting up here in the aerie with an icefilled glass wondering what to write. I'll visit favorite blogs, check headlines, follow a quixotic thought, refresh the KZE playlist. And just now nothing was coming, not really, googled my sister, earlier today at the library 1.0, and just now - myself, and came upon 1.0's new book now featured in googlebooks, and was very surprised to come across my name in his preface & acknowledgments, it came right up. So I'm in a bit of shock now, having seen it. I really like the way he writes - I mean, I haven't read his book, but I love the tone of his preface, an elegiac, personal, heartfelt quality. That, I think, is what is moving me at the moment, his references to his parents for example, and touching in circumspect fashion on his experience of loss. I'm very touched to have been mentioned in his acknowledgments, and I do know - well - in an example of projectualization of mind - I am reaching out my hand to touch yours, putting my arms around you, and kissing your cheek. Also extending my hand in congratulations, I'm very happy for you, for your very great accomplishment.

Honestly, I don't have much else tonight. Gwynnie, aging, hair thinning, is up here with me. I hear kids of various ages in neighboring yards playing & shouting. Birds are tweeting. The light is fading, there was light overcast most of the day. Dinner will be cornish hens, marinaded by D with a concoction of his, that he'll grill when he comes home.

seemingly limitless recombinations with no prior existence
how many different ways can I tell you that I love you?
endlessly, boundlessly, always

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