Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Cotopaxi, 1862

Whole Gulfs - of Red, and Fleets - of Red -
And Crews - of solid Blood -
Did place about the West - Tonight -
As 'twere specific Ground -

And They - appointed Creatures -
In Authorized Arrays -
Due - promptly - as a Drama -
That bows - and disappears -
Emily Dickinson, c. 1862

From message received this morning from the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC):
Within 72 hours, Senate Republicans will attempt to end Medicare. We need your help to stop them. More than 45,000 activists have already signed the petition calling them out. But our goal is to deliver 75,000 names to GOP Leader Mitch McConnell so Republicans know that if they vote to destroy the social safety net, they will pay for it on Election Day.

The GOP refuses to cut huge subsidies to Big Oil, but they’re more than willing to put seniors at risk. Their priorities are backward, and we’re calling them out, with your help.
The Petition
I won’t stand by silently as radical Republicans destroy Medicare and shift money to the wealthy and corporations in the form of huge tax cuts. I stand with Democrats to protect Medicare.
Please sign here.

image: Frederic Edwin Church (1826-1900), Cotopaxi, 1862, oil on canvas, The Detroit Institute of Arts, Detroit, Michigan.
At 18,858 feet (5748 m) Cotopaxi was the most impressive of the South American volcanoes; its cone was considered particularly perfect. The New York collector James Lenox commissioned this view in 1861. By that date the Civil War had begun, and Church's decision to depict an eruption has been interpreted as a direct reflection on the tragic turn of events. The rising sun is obscured by the smoke of nature 'at war with itself', and the landscape shows the world 'evolving out of the simultaneous processes of creation and destruction.'
(Source: Tate Britain)

- the dream, always, for a more perfect union -

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