Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sulphur to Sugarcane

The women in Poughkeepsie
Take their clothes off when they're tipsy
But I hear in Ypsilanti
They don't wear any panties
Once they gargle with champagne
They hitch up their skirts and exclaim
It's not very far, sugar
It's not very far, sugar
Pour some sugar on me, sugar
It's not very far from Sulphur to Sugarcane
Elvis Costello's lyrics sound so darn familiar. Where'd he get the idea about women in Ypsilanti?

Belle [a/k/a Iolanthe] to J, 7 July 2008
...You lay the groundwork well for the introduction of subtle, incremental furtherances of my erotic education. Eventually the studies had to move to more private, secluded spaces, your room, your attic, your car. Items of clothing came off by degrees, one evening my top, a week or two following, my skirt...
J to Belle, 7 July 2008
... I think you were wearing a medium blue skirt, but I'm not certain what sort of top you were wearing... One night we out to the place in that industrial park--I can't recall the name--near Springdale; it was a jazz place at the time. We spent most of the evening there listening to music and dancing, but in the middle of the evening, because we couldn't stand it any longer, we went out to the car in the very dark parking lot, and made love in the back seat. For practical reasons, you didn't take your skirt off, and we made love that way a number of times...
Belle to J, 8 July 2008
... You remember my various items of clothing so well! I'm amazed. I too remember making love while still wearing a skirt and nothing else. That was very erotic. I thought of that as I wrote to you yesterday, but just couldn't bring myself to write panties. So "skirt" it was...
Item from Blog of a Bookslut, 9 December 2009
... "panties" on my list of least favorite words...
Elvis Costello makes it okay - all of it - panties, skirt, hitched, Ypsilanti...

Belle to J, 18 July 2008
... More, more, and more. Panties peeled off and flung, skirt hitched...
... My fingers unbuttoning, then unzipping to get at you...
Belt buckle, belt buckle
Pour some water on me.

image: Ypsilanti historic water tower

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