Thursday, April 15, 2010

Bridge over Stockport Creek

What are you taking pictures of?
Wasn't there a footbridge there?
What happened to it?
Came down
Month, 6 weeks ago
In a storm?
Nah, there never was no money to fix it. All of a sudden it just came down.

Apparently the suspension footbridge came down on February 24 due to the weight of heavy snow. There had been interest in the community to preserve it but the funds couldn't be amassed. I'm sorry to see the ghostly vestige go (here are a few more images and a nice write-up). It appealed to my imagination the first time I ever glimpsed it and I fantasized about being able to cross it and thus access Footbridge Road on the other side. Oh well. To issues of encroachment, add degradation...

top photo taken today; bottom photo on 14 Dec. 2009

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