Saturday, April 17, 2010

Long Way Home

Good morning darling. Cool and gray today, raining lightly. I feel a sense of lighthearted well-being. The weather reminds me of girlhood camping trips. They always seemed to take place in inclement weather, with us scouts struggling to keep the campfire going and ourselves from damp.
I'm back from a walk. I was going to go my usual route, down to the bottom of one road and left on another that meanders west-southwest and after a while abuts the creek, but it started to rain harder so I turned around. Then the rain stopped so I kept on my walk, cutting through church property which is quite extensive, a number of acres, some of it 19th century graveyard. At the rear, behind a gathering of tombstones, the ground culminates in a steep ridge. I have always stopped well short of the drop. But today I discovered a path that slopes downward along the ridge. I never noticed it, when snow was on the ground. I followed it and felt a sense of time suspended - could be now, or 100 years ago, 200, an Indian trail maybe...
As I neared the end I realized that it culminates precisely where my usual walk (if I'm on the road) also stops, at a closed-off dead end. I was walking down a steep, densely wooded hill, which on other walks I had looked up at and idly wondered whose property it was, and what was on the other side. I had judged the church property to be considerably south, not connecting to here. Like a web page refreshing, all of a sudden my mental map of this neck of the woods underwent a dramatic revision. It was interesting to notice the mind-brain shift, the involuntary tectonic change in the landscape of my mind.

Also, I am glad to have discovered a shortcut home.

More later - must run to the movies now. Kisses.

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