Friday, April 16, 2010

Pick up, artist

Okay so Belle could use lessons. No shit. I'm out of the swing. But what's with pretty pictures and no working email? Forced spoken voice @ machine is not my forte. Couldn't even text - untextable landline (bah). So what's a poetic blogger supposed to do? Go without forever? Never even try to be an actor in her own desire? I do my best without car, cash & cell. Do you mean that I'm supposed to go on craigslist like everybody else? Yeah, good luck without accoutrements and the proper 'tude. Can't we manage something a little more... elegant?

Then again if you've got a date tonight, tomorrow, or have it going on - then never mind.

Go get what you need my love, sang Carrie Rodriguez. Listen you, you're cute. If you buck up you just might get some paleolithic love talk from me, and I'll pay attention when you show me how to work the bifacial hand tool the way you like. UNH.

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