Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Seventeen degrees in Hudson, feels like 11. Outside wind chimes clang ferociously, and on my walk by the creek and woods, trees audibly groaned, flat, atonal, arhythmic creaking, mysterious (though less sentient) as whale song, or music I've heard ice floes make, on the Hudson once, at Cold Spring, as the solid river heaved and massed, with majestic, orchestral, muffled, shuddering thuds and moans, against the edge.

Ah, but here in the aerie, darling, all is 'toastie-woastie,' thermostat turned up, baseboards reassuringly creaking & clicking as heat rises. There's an aroma of roasting chicken, and there's a pan of small beets in the oven too (beets from last fall's CSA), and a couple of hefty russets. In a few minutes I'll go down and put in the pan of root vegetables, chunked and orange - opposite of ice floes, these cozy bites of winter squash, sweet potato, and carrot - I won't be sticking around to listen but as they caramelize and soften in the oven, perhaps they'll softly sizzle.

The pellet stove in the solarium cranks away reliably, like Mike Mulligan's steam engine, keeping the zoo of tropical plants alive. I like the two massive plants I scored yesterday - variegated something or other - cast-iron plants with very dark green, and also bright magenta, leaves. Maybe not my favorite, such almost tawdry coloration in foliage, but the two healthy specimens look very striking in large handsome ceramic pots I already owned, that just needed filling...

Sweetheart, I am utterly projecting & imagining here - perhaps! - but I am so happy for you that wherever you are you are having a fine time, at moments to yourself - and thinking of me - as I, in just that way, think of you.

I took a break myself today, simply because it didn't go so well yesterday, despite all avail... so let my 'demand' build - also give my slightly sore, carpal-tunnel-threatened forearm a rest - never an issue if things go, as customary, readily enough, but if it doesn't, and I keep pursuing the elusive goal that at some point just doesn't happen - well then.

So I sublimated, and also it was just so cold out, that I spent a very enjoyable few hours in the kitchen this morning, putting together tonight's dinner, and also making - from scratch - a chocolate-hazelnut cake. Which came out great (not that I've tasted it yet), and smells divine. It looks like a big round brownie - actually that's its aroma too. Only it's made with bittersweet chocolate, and my stash of hazelnuts from Sahadi's that I toasted in the oven, before grinding them with a bit of 'all-purpose' to create a nutty flour. This will be dessert, with a spoon of vanilla whipped cream, and strawberries.

Sweetheart, those chimes are still clanging. The chicken smells awesome. Be right back - running down to put orange veg in oven. Okay, I'm back (not a minute later). I have to be quick because Gwynnie & Claire have suddenly taken a shining to parking themselves - taking over - my desk and chair.

And that's it sweetheart, for now, today's little snapshot. Of the good-looking guy I spied yesterday, and wrote up in my way, I decided to write a little note, jotting down my blog address & date of the post. In my imaginings I picture that perhaps if I see him in the not-too-distant future, perhaps I might be bold enough to simply say to him along the lines of, "hi, excuse me, you'll think me incredibly forward, but - here - if you get a chance, read this..."

Of course if I see him next time (if there is a next time) - say, next April or June -- well, that won't work will it. It would be just plain downright bizarre. It really only works if it's soon --- say, at the advent of that 'can-can' sale!

I did stop by the market briefly today - we were out of - oh let's see - maple syrup...

Many kisses, sweetheart
love you

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