Thursday, January 26, 2012

My darlings, I am feeling much better today. I made a concerted effort to get out of the house. Fortunately I was able to get the car for a few hours.

I realized that the clock was running out on....

any excuse to dress up -- check out my new boots!

I headed into town...

Cute place, cozy little hole-in-the-wall. It was hoppin'. The sandwich was delicious. I left a dollar in the tip jar and thanked the proprietor -- I am now officially aware of falafels. You're welcome!

Afterward I strolled down Warren Street, as always admiring the creatively done windows. Do you suppose E.D. might have enjoyed wearing beautifully constructed white dresses such as these?

Might she have reclined, like an Edward Gorey heroine, on a white-linened settee such as this?

I admired another gallery window

and, serendipitously, my new boots again

snow flurries began to fall, though you can't tell from this picture

I headed to my new-favorite cafe, which has especially delicious coffee, but discovered that they're on vacation for a couple of weeks

I headed back up Warren Street, continuing to admire artful window displays
I stopped at a different cafe, and ordered a cappuccino, which arrived with a swirly design. I sat in the window and savored it. But I forgot to take pictures.


Afterward I made my way out of town and drove north to the little town library

I spent a bit of time on the internet, catching up on 'behind-the-firewall' Times articles mostly, and thought too, to check the library system - for a certain book that I had once left a note about, asking if the director might order it

And I discovered --- OMG! "811 -- on the shelf-- K'hook library" -- at my carrel I gave a tiny yelp of glee.

I logged off, went into the stacks, the 811s... not there -- of course not, it would be on the new shelf -- which it was. The director's office is right by checkout and she was seated at her desk... I held up the book and said, thank you so much for ordering this! And she replied that it was her absolute pleasure...

I will be very very glad to set into this book. I have been 'between books' lately, which was part of my mood-problem a little bit, that lack of focus. Anyway -- I'm back on track.

No workout today, I just couldn't bear getting out of my finery, my belted skirt & sweater set, which I'm enjoying so much. Part of shaking up the routine...

All my love, many kisses
I hope all is well with you
thinking of you, as always
and by the way -- not all fast food is bad
just the super-overprocessed kind
but a fresh taco made of wholesome ingredients from a little truck
or a freshly made falafel
that's 'fast-food' -- & healthful too

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