Sunday, January 29, 2012

I'm here darling, loving you. I've just spent the most delightful hour just now, in the solarium, playing the church's borrowed keyboard - here for me to practice. I haven't been practicing hymns so much -- . This afternoon I sat down, light filling the solarium, aptly named, and I tinkered with buttons on the electronic keyboard, and ultimately it's an unsatisfying instrument, this particular inexpensive iteration. But I played what I could remember. I laughed thinking that if 1.0 were to hear me now he might laugh -- my Bach repertoire has hardly advanced (well yes it has, I don't think I was tackling Goldbergs with him) since I knew him -- it's still the same several familiar inventions -- that I've been playing for 40 years now -- hardly ever getting it right.

Ah, no matter - oh darling... I had a nice day today. Thought of you, and you the whole day through. Dressed in my beautiful outfit. Sojourned to the local international arts colony but they were out of the prime entree - wild mushroom lasagne -- that I had an appetite for. I might have considered something else off their menu -- elaborated salad, panini -- but if I couldn't have that entree -- and that only with bottled water sparkling flat or fruit juice -- I wished a glass of wine.

So I bailed, punted -- I'll be back. I had two glasses, by the glasses, at Swoon, later on.

And then arrived home and pleasantly chatted about the day with D.

And all day long I've been thinking sympathetically about someone who I never met, and yet --- for a great many years - if such measures were relevant - I lived -- well not very many feet or yards away, across the street. It's okay - I really relate to him - in not so many words, or the way it happened with him, I relate. And that's that.

The light this afternoon, as I sat at the keyboard downstairs, being able to lose my fingers in flight, and look out the windows too, as light in its various aspects glowed or ambled in...

I love you

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