Thursday, April 7, 2011

what wouldn't I give to inhale you deeply right now
inhaling you now in my dreams
as I sit here typing thinking of you
it's beautiful out, birds are twittering
I heard a frog croak from the pond
so I went to investigate
there was a plosh as it jumped into the deep
suspended on the surface were sacs of tadpoles-to-be
the garden is waking up
chives are coming up in one of the raised vegetable beds
in which I might grow just flowers this year
since in the past whatever we have with intensive labor grown
went to fatten rabbits deer groundhogs
and who knows what else
my vitruvian man
I am paying attention
to every beautifully proportioned angle of you
making my way down from head to toe
(well maybe not toe, I usually don't get as far as that)
inhaling all the way
imbibing but not too much
so that you can plunge like a frog
deep into the pool of me


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