Sunday, April 3, 2011

releasing april 19

My darling, up in the aerie, checking in with you, not much to report, feeling at low ebb, somehow couldn't get the engine started all day, despite two walks though no workout. Dinner will be roast chicken, organic cauliflower (marked down) with a bit of cheese sauce, salad, and baked potato. I am feeling all the more organized for Brooklyn, having found two new pairs of shoes on sale this afternoon, walking shoes and wedge-heeled sandals for the house. I am becoming enamored of a new Bob Schneider song, Let the Light In (lyrics & live performance video here) and wonder about the lyrics, I relate to them. Am I the witch? Are you the tin man? I've heard the song a half-dozen times over the past few weeks and at first it didn't make an impression. KZE would play it and Will or Creslyn would announce that it was Bob Schneider and I'd be like, it was? The song had sailed right past. But a few days ago I heard it again, melted into its swaying rhythms, heard references to the tin man which intrigued me, and looked up the lyrics. Wow. Great song.

... Well the lion and the tin man showed up at the spot
The wicked witch walked in said ‘Show me what you got!'
The lion ran for cover and the tin man didn't move
That's when the band started playing this groove and...
The next thing you know there was magic in the air
No one saw it coming it wasn't too clear
And the tin man said ‘I don't know how to do this baby!
Maybe you could show me how'. She said…

All right! Let your hair down
Let your heart pound
Let the light in let the light in
Let the light in let the light in
Let the light in let the light in
Let the light in again!

And they danced in the darkness on the floor
And the world kept spinning round
Like it's always done before
And all the people in club
Said they don't make a pretty pair
But the tin man and the witch they didn't care
No 'cause love don't give a damn about what other people say
It does what it wants; it's always been that way
That's the way it was the way it will be again
Forever and ever amen…!

Dearest, signing off now to put chicken in the oven, enjoy the last rays of this A Perfect Day, and catch up with Jerrice on Women of Note. Many kisses, my love. XOXO

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