Thursday, April 21, 2011

harmonia macrocosmica

I am missing you, and thinking of you very much, but feel the need to take a bit of a breather. I hope all is well with you. Yours, with all my love - Belle
Therefore the love which us doth bind,
But Fate so enviously debars,
Is the conjunction of the mind,
And opposition of the stars.

from, The Definition of Love, by Andrew Marvell

image: Andreas Cellarius (c. 1596-1665): Harmonia macrocosmica sey atlas universalis et novus, totius universi creati cosmographiam generalem, et novam exhibens. Plate 4. PLANISPHÆRIVM COPERNICANVM Sive Systema VNIVERSI TOTIVS CREATI EX HYPOTHESI COPERNICANA IN PLANO EXHIBITVM - The planisphere of Copernicus, or the system of the entire created universe according to the hypothesis of Copernicus exhibited in a planar view (1660)

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