Friday, April 22, 2011

it may have to be room temperature pissalediere

Message from Belle to vacationing friends, 22 April 2011, 3 a.m.
Hi - thought I'd drop you a quick line to make use of my temporary insomnia before I head back to bed...

Everything's cool & fine here, really enjoying my stay. Miss P comes out of her crepuscular lurks & traverses the peripheries undetected - occasionally I bump into her, such as this afternoon when I went to the kitchen & there she was in the LR window, staring at me balefully - I had come too close for her taste. I said hi, and she went back to her dust ruffle domain...

Quick question about your oven - does it work, or is it me being unmechanical? I removed the items you have stored in there, then pressed the ignition button while pressing & turning the center knob to the teeny oven icon. I could hear the whoosh of the gas lighting - but when I released the knob at any point, either at the icon or revolving it to an oven temp (350), I could hear that it had gone off.

Anyway, if you could advise one way or another, I'd appreciate it (warm pizza so much better than cold).

Hope you two are having a wonderful time...

I'm up, drinking coffee (iced)
listening to webstreamed KZE
wondering where you are
and how you are on quiche straight out of the fridge
missing you
wonder what the day will bring
I hope you slept well darling
beautiful dawn light just now
where you are too?

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