Thursday, April 7, 2011

A Beautiful Duet

On the subject of mashups and My Erotic Double, the combination of the poem's reading with "Thank You For The Music" from Mamma Mia, as sung by Amanda Seyfried, is very beautiful. That is, I recommend playing the poem and the song together, at the same time.

From the 12534 blog, November 23, 2009:
... Here's my take on cues - but I'm very untechnical. Start Ashbery tape (starts w/title of poem & poet) to coincide with piano preamble of song. Poem will run out (it's 1 minute long) before song ends. Cue poem up again on second syllable of sung word "giving". Let poem rip again; voices & piano will merge again for another minute, when poem runs out but song continues. Let her continue to sing by herself until, again, she gets to 2nd syllable of "giving." Relax for about 1 minute. On third take, cue up poem for a beat after, not on 2nd syllable of "giving" but on "giving It" -- cue to start on "It".

John Koch (1909-1978), Musicians (1937),
oil on canvas, 36 x 43-1/4 in.

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