Saturday, April 16, 2011

Cold blustery day, pellet stove blazes, monochrome gray landscape tinged with nascent pastels, and the surprise here & there while driving, of a bright chance drift of daffodils proffered like a bouquet - here! - or single star magnolia, size of a girl, standing alone in a churchyard, in a sweetly effulgent frock of moon-white spray; or overgrown lilac hedges colored with pale green leaves and sultry berried tips, nipples first, tumescent panicles plush tumescent with fragrance to come...

fragrant with plush tumescent panicled presence
sweet berried raspberry tips
plush sweet frock star aargh
fragrant erect berry tipped lilac
effulgent bulging size of a
tumescent fragrant sweet earthy heady
lowhanging plush plump sweet berry tipped

My darling can you tell that I have been half crazy and up a tree with amorous thoughts of you all day? the foregoing is how the writing has been going for me the last half hour, filled with thoughts much less of daffodils & lilacs than of me and you, and what you'll do to me, and what I'll do to you, all in the splendor of a half-shaded very pleasant abode...

My darling, that's it for now - oh please kiss me you know where

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