Saturday, January 15, 2011

oh take me with you when you go!

Vincent Van Gogh, Bulb Fields, 19" x 26" oil on canvas on panel,
The Hague, April 1883; Washington, D.C.: The National Gallery of Art

Claude Monet, Tulip Fields with the Rijnsburg Windmill, 26" x 32" oil on canvas, 1886, private collection.

And here is another very beautiful related image...


I'm afraid of flying by jet
but not I think afraid of hot air balloon
so that's how I'll come
I'll lower down from the blue sky
from that chink in the clouds
in a big balloon the very color of tulips
stripes of red, yellow, and green
and blue too - but who ever saw a blue tulip?
so perhaps those are hyacinths
well it is called "bulb fields" not tulip fields
you've been pacing by yourself
my dearest love
I was supposed to be there hours ago
but I had trouble deciding what to wear
what does one wear on a hot air balloon trip
to meet one's lover in a tulip field
one wants to be unencumbered, wear a skirt
which works pretty well for biking, too
but as the balloon descended I found
that the skirt would swoop up above my head
in a Marilyn Monroeish way
only I'm not blonde
I had to keep swiping it down, hold the folds between my legs
as the balloon sank to the ground
you looked up from the parterre grating of blooming bulbs
and beamed at me
I hope you have something more for me than just kisses
darling, after all that
some gouda maybe, or smoked edam
and can I tell you that I have never found wooden clogs
to be all that comfortable
or sexy?
oh and here I was all worried about my skirt
as I valiantly tried to keep it down
and what's the first thing you do
after you kiss me, and offer me a snack
I'm glad it's a full skirt, and not one of
those ultra formfitting skinny ones
otherwise there's no way we could be doing
what we're doing right now in the shadow of the
hot air balloon
collapsed in a huge colorful heap on the ground
with my skirt hitched up at my waist

my darling loves

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