Saturday, January 29, 2011

Dear love, just a quick note before I throw a few things into my Trader Joe Victorian explorer bag and dash off to the train. But you're coming with me, aren't you? Of course I'll take you when I go! I am so incredibly bighearted and magnanimous too that I am going to give you the windowseat, on the right hand side of the train as we're going down - the river side. I know you will enjoy cruising along the shoreline. So beautiful. I walked at the conservation area this morning - the river was all white with ice, completely frozen over, and an ice cutter was just coming down, I guess from Albany/Troy. Maybe we'll pass it on our way. Maybe it's around Rhinecliff by now. Stopped by a bakery and got a baguette, and I'm going to make us delicious turkey sandwiches for us to snack on, plus a piece of lemon cake. I baked one to take down with me as my little offering, plus I baked another smaller one, to make sure it came out well, which it did. I got my hair trimmed this morning and mentioned it to my hairdresser, that I was inspired to bake it because I found lemons on sale, and I made it with plain yogurt not buttermilk, and that it's a Barefoot Contessa recipe, who we both really like. And my hairdresser as she blew dry my hair as I was describing it said, I have to have a piece right now. So when I went home, and before I went out the door again, I cut her a piece, and dropped it off to her while she worked on another lady, and she put down her scissors and gave me a hug, and all the other hairdressers were like, what's she doing here, is something wrong with the cut? And my hairdresser said I'm not sharing this piece, and I said, you shouldn't. And then I marched back out the door. Then I dropped D off in town and went to the supermarket and got confectioners sugar to sprinkle on the party cake and I bought flowers and put them around the house, cheerful dark and light orange and yellow ones. You know? I should bake some cookies too to bring down - I have just enough time - that cake isn't very big. I really do wish you were coming, or that I'd see you there - ah well, you know I'll be thinking of you, my angel. No time to proof - must run. Love you, love you, love you. XOXO

P.S. What to wear, what to wear? Breaking out the sayonara Xmas/bienvenue Valentine's Day bright crimson sweater set. With fierce denims. XOXO

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