Tuesday, January 25, 2011

mile high club (#427)

My darling starved gnat
I ponder a way to start this post
I am a jet taxiing from the breezeway
setting forth in slow motion onto miles of tarmac
lumbering along
making a turn here
adjusting straight
waiting for the signal, clearance for takeoff
no - I'm not the jet itself
I'm a woman in coach in the middle of the jet
in a seat by the window, little shade rolled up
observing these deliberate movements
watching tiny lights on the darkening runway
last of sunset tatters on the horizon
in the middle of nowhere, on the outskirts of town
the jet begins to roar in earnest
sets forth laboriously from the blocks 
launching down the runway in an ungainly sprint
while I hold my breath
and after a straining, tentative moment
runway speeding past
the wheels lift off
the world tilts
and we're in - thanks to me - the air

my darling starved gnat
I try to think what to get you
I enjoy your #108 perfumed necklace so much
did you really send $1.10 plus 90 comics?
I have lost no time renewing it with my perfume
the fragrance you once gave me, one you adored
filigree pendant dangling to great effect - as you like
at my breasts, upright and stowed
beneath my thin soft sweater
I wait for the flight attendant to
come around with the drinks cart - do they still do that?
or does one have to bring one's own rosé these days?
darling, there's only so much traveling
I can do in my mind
I peruse a vintage comic catalog
what should I get you?
a piece of jewelry perhaps - a decoder ring
not the Orphan Annie kind
one for Kitty & Levin
the secret club of you and me
ah, one day I'll bound into your arms and you into mine
we'll inhale each other's perfume
you'll slip a necklace around my neck
and in the darkness when we're ready

we'll figure out
the combination of strokes and kisses
that unlocks compartments

my warm wet secret
your divine divining rod

miles above the sky so high

my beloved darling gnat

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