Thursday, January 27, 2011

Beautiful peaceful hour, late afternoon light saturating the upstairs aerie. I haven't quite finished saying Aloha, Halloween, what with a large frozen pumpkin on the back porch table, focal point of color in the monochrome snowscape. I'll take Amtrak this weekend to take part in a little festive party to bid adieu to the 73 days of Christmas, but tonight I'm all, thanks for the memories Thanksgiving, with half a turkey roasting in the oven, a pot of potatoes peeled for mash, and a pan of root vegetables set to roast - with a - oh you're still here? nice knowing you! - to the yam scrounged from the bottom of the vegetable drawer.

It's beginning to smell a bit like late November up here in the aerie, with the cozy aroma of the roasting bird. Turkeys got marked down at the market after Thanksgiving. We bought a few, D split them and froze each half separately. We paid $.99 a pound for a quality bird (not high-end organic, but very good) originally $2.79/lb. Consider turkey sandwiches - what's the price of deli turkey? $6 - $7 - $8 a pound any month of year - decontextualized.

I'd like to sing you a song, but it's one of those days - in advance of my upcoming weekend excursion - that I'm thinking, I need to color my hair, should vacuum the house and clean the baths before I go, I've booked a haircut for Saturday morning. I'm out of hair color, thought I had some. Not that I'm going gray, not yet (my family seems to go gray quite late) but the tint seems to improve the texture of my hair and brighten it (the shade I use isn't so different from my natural color).

hello dearest feeling reticent

- tag line from a page hit this afternoon

Spent some time this afternoon reading & editing a fairy tale. A pair of squabbling hunters... one ends up slaying dragons, the other writing poems... each in honor of a glimpse of the deer-maiden they'd fallen in love with and shot.

Aren't I the deer maiden? Why am I the one writing?

Where are the hunter-knights' poems already? And then I realize, they've been creating them, slaying the dragons, & etc., it's just that the fairy tale doesn't allow that the deer maiden creates as well - or that she can read.

Deer-maiden's splendid isolation

- but I, like other inhabitants of the kingdom, groove on others' words as well

Well, I haven't finished that Finnish fairy tale yet. It is very beautiful, as was the first.

hello dearest feeling reticent

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