Friday, May 4, 2012

Note to first major love... I don't understand you, I guess I never did. I am sorry that you are 'not half so happy.' I don't know that this Annabel Lee is 'freer,' though, than you. Somehow I doubt it. Despite your compulsions (?) you seem very free indeed...

Hello darling, after a series of gray chill days, it's suddenly summer, as of midafternoon, lawn mowers nebulous yards over droning, sunshine steaming overnight spritz, and there's a chance of storms. I woke up refreshed after a brief nap after lunch - at which point the sun had come out - and felt energized and inspired to open the bathroom window upstairs, and call out to D, who had come home for lunch and was next door, attending to the chicken coop, I guess, because lord knows not the chickens, because at least four of them have been hanging out, squawking & fretting on our back-porch steps, soiling them -- so I definitely never step out in the sandals I wear around the house anymore. Ah so I called out to D -- can I have the car for a bit, to go get flowers for the planters? No. Then -- on reflection -- yes. He had some paperwork to do. So I took the car, rolled open the moonroof, and it was a beautiful drive, and a David Gray song magically came on, Sail Away, that I swear I know enough of the lyrics to as to credibly sing along. For some reason, the radio had gone all staticky just as the song came on, much to my frustration. But I cranked it anyway, adhering to the speed limit, consciously so, in part to fill the length of the song. I passed by the juvenile detention center, all sleek shining barbed-wire upon layers of barbed-wire surrounds, feeling very free indeed (even as I felt bound to the song, and frustrated by the static, and the intrusion of an occult station -- interference from all that barbed wire?) -- but also cynical, because on this completely suddenly beautiful mid-afternoon in the most picturesque agricultural landscape, it seems that none of the juvenile detainees were outside, in their bright scarlet jumpsuits, shooting hoops way in the distance within a barb-wired yard. Nope, no sign of consigned youth at all. However, the parking lot was absolutely chock full of sparkling shining vehicles, scores & scores of them. Whatever is the fate of those youths, and whatever truly awful atrocities they committed -- and I am sure they were quite serious, for them to be 'corrected' up here -- fact of the matter is, such a detention center is upstate economic manna, the trough at which a very great many feed -- and they get health, & maybe even dental too.

I arrived -- a couple of hundred yards later -- at the nursery, whose parking lot too was full, on this glorious day, people -- I wasn't the only one -- inspired to buy flowers for their pots & gardens. I shut off Sail Away as the song wound down, now I was in a different sphere...

And that's it really, darling, no big finish. So I did a bit of gardening this afternoon, in lieu of a workout. Well, whatever works. Probably I should have done both - but I'm not as motivated as that, no matter how many youp*rns I watch. Oh, and I did have the most amazing session this morning with myself, fueled by a group orgy I watched, imaginings, man after man after man cumming on this amazingly beautiful cheerful smiling laughing young woman -- she seemed like a goddess, truly an earth goddess, a Germanic one I think, and all these men were ecstatically spraying their seed over her, and she just laughed merrily, and accommodated one or another, serially, in various ways (though I agree with Enrico, his comment as to why another man didn't take advantage of her spermatized (sorta) prequel) --

Darling, with your meat -- oh aarrgggh -- I'm laughing, deliciously, as you have your way with me, I wish you would -- oh you, just you -- well, and you too, darling --

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