Sunday, May 27, 2012

Hello darling, so I returned to the ice cream shop this afternoon, intent on 'prune armagnac' -- which, to my surprise wasn't even on the board at all today. Pistachio was far from my mind, so single-minded was I in my scattered purpose today -- no, it had to be the prune. And it seemed that it wasn't to be had, until I approached the big counter, with all the gallon cartons of the day's flavors... and there, tucked in, by its lonesome, was a single serving in a cup of the very flavor I was there to seek!

Although I have to say that - not that I was disappointed -- but it just didn't taste like what purported to be. It didn't taste of prune, or plum, or armagnac, or any liqueur at all - just thick, delicious, very sweet cream -- of which three or four plastic spoonfuls as I returned with the prize to my car -- were more than sufficient.

But now, since, I've just, to my very great surprise, gotten the most delightful foretaste of another flavor on the board... oh any of the flavors, really, pick one -- I thought, initially, fig & sweet cream (and said so) but it could just as well be sweet lime

many kisses, this Memorial Day weekend
maybe these are the sorts of wishes that those who lost their lives for us
dream of, from heaven above
that they have a chance
oh to lick that ice cream
or that popsicle
whatever flavor
before it all melts away...

all my love, darling -
yours, Belle

it was such a beautiful day today, in Hudson

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