Saturday, December 17, 2011

My dearest Minotaur, my heart is full of enormous feeling for you this morning.
I heard the news today, oh boy. I know I won't see you. My heart is topsy-turvy just now, happy for you, sad for us, I don't know... I hope all's well & happy truly - I hope all is joyous, all around. Loving you very much, thinking of you... Let me go for my walk now, out in the freezing gray day, and work off some of this tumultuous energy. I'll be thinking of you the whole way, arm in arm with you, dearest, dearest angel. Later, darling too - of course - I just really wanted to send you some kisses right now. All my love. xoxo

Pablo Picasso (1881 Spain - 1973 France), Minotaure et femme derriere un rideau, 16 June 1933, etching from the Vollard Suite, National Gallery of Australia, Canberra

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