Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Dearest, I did buy carnations as a matter of fact today, pink ones, along with a bunch of alstroemeria (I can never remember the name of that flower, had to fish in the garbage for the sticker on the cello wrapper), and Asian lily, all in coordinating shades of pink, not bad for supermarket flowers.

My day was very pleasant. D's doing some work around here so I had the car for a bit, so went supermarket shopping, not only for flowers, but for foodstuffs as well. A chicken is roasting in the oven, along with russet potatoes, and a pan of - can you guess? - chopped root vegetables - carrot, sweet potato, butternut squash, red onion.

After lunch I was determined to go to the library

(Ah lunch - so delicious - fresh mozzarella, Italian soppressata (hard salami), fresh basil leaves and a few olives, toasted Italian bread, mixed salad. I was feeling energetic until I ate lunch, directly upon which I felt sleepy, but I was determined...)

In the car I fiddled with the radio and directly came upon, right as I was pulling out of our dead-end street, the start of an amazing David Gray song, that so put me in fullblown love-mind of you that I cranked it and rocked as I drove (speed limit:30 - adhered to). It's a beautiful song. I'll embed a link (ignore the video, just pretend we're together -- wherever).

And so at the library I picked up my books on reserve...

Oh but way before any of that -- rewind the videotape --

this morning I had a sweet session with you (though it took a while for some reason, and I am wondering why the rechargeable batteries seemed more charged in that motel room - I mean, isn't electricity, electricity? If they're fully charged - is there such a thing as supercharged? Only I don't really feel like asking anyone directly - only you, rhetorically. And so, yes, it did take a while --- despite all that BUZZING -- though no fly at all!

Sweetheart, in case you can't tell, I am just willy nilly tapping keys here. As technologically deficient as I am... do you know that there were times in my life that my typing speed was clocked (at temp agencies) at over 100 words per minute, with a high accuracy rate? I could have been a contender... [cue voice of Marlon Brando]... in some sort of speed-typing contest.

And so I'm typing fast here darling (quick brown fox jumps over the lazy brown dog)
[had to scroll back to put the 'l' in 'darling']. Where was I?

Oh yeah! I wrote a mini-graphic novel yesterday, a one-off in connection with this weekend's grab bag, and after much deliberation this morning, and consultation with D, came up with a title for the modern-day fascicle (stapled, not sewn; made up of booklets of paper menus my favorite half-price certificate overpriced Swoonery leaves in a basket near the door - all the inspiration I needed).

And that's it, dearest. I hope you're having a wonderful time wherever you are. Oh my dearest --- giving you a fantastically huge great big kiss just now, on top of all that transpired this morning -- as I'm sure you yourself have imagined.

Love you -- sweetest you. Have a good night, and I'll see you - first thing - when I wake in the middle of the night, Claire staring down at me from a sham - and in the dark still room, chinks of light coming through the side of the light-blocking shade (D's draped lights on Thumbelina, a Colorado Spruce we planted

and I wonder if the lights are too bright, keeping birds and other creatures in the hedgerow awake -- I don't know)

I wake - whenever I awake - whether it's night or day, at all moments, I think of you, I think of you, I think of you -- you could make a long strand of Christmas lights and all they would ever twinkle as far as I'm concerned is 'I think of you'


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