Friday, December 9, 2011

Hello darling, up in the aerie, past dark, having watched from an upstairs bedroom window a full pale moon rise against black in the east like the sun...

I've been looking up moonsets for the U.S. tomorrow morning... or perhaps I should have been looking up sunrise times... no matter... the point is that tomorrow morning, around dawn (local times in the continental U.S.), a total lunar eclipse will be visible - if the moon hasn't yet set - a few minutes past seven in the morning here in the Northeast; Colorado; and Texas too...

So we greet the dawn with a red ball setting in the west --- oh my!!! The prelude to E.D.'s incredible palindromic 181st birthday.

All systems go here, Houston, for my galaxial travels, darling...

So sorry my post crashed yesterday evening, I don't know what happened. I felt a bit paranoid about it, actually (first time for me that a post on initial publication had crashed; plus it deleted offhand musings as to a chance encounter that day - as though I wasn't supposed to mention it... weird).

No matter - it's all fixed now.

I wish you'd be there tomorrow, I really do. But - it's okay. We'll be together in spirit, I know we will, Bacchus.

And that's about it for now, darling. Dinner will be leftover chicken paprikash, from last night. So glad I don't have to squeeze it out of a vacuum-sealed pouch in the hermetic space capsule... No, it will be heated gently under a gas flame, and served in a deep bowl, over wide egg noodles. And steamed asparagus. Which affects one's outputs -- another no-no in outer space... and goes to prove that I know that I won't see you tomorrow... otherwise I'd sub broccoli instead, for sure...

Sweet dreams - all my love - and don't forget to at least try to look for the total lunar eclipse, even if it may be obscured for goodness knows what reasons, such as time zones --

(What's "Universal Time," anyway? Is that the P.C. version of formerly-known-as Greenwich Mean Time?)

Sweetheart, całuję Cię mocno, śpij z Bożą,
kochająca Cię zawsze
- Belle


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