Sunday, July 10, 2011

of cyclopes and minotaurs

Good morning darling, re-entry into planet home sweet home after my whirlwind trip yesterday. This creature - the Polyphemus Moth, named after the gigantic Cyclops Polyphemus ("everywhere famous") - was at our screen door yesterday morning, discovered as I was leaving the house.

And in town I spied - minotaurs?! All this before my 8:30 train...

these were as close to any artistic renditions of mythological monsters as I saw yesterday - no Picassos
I ended up traipsing all over town after all, in my stylish yet comfortable sandals, including west down 21st Street from Fifth to nearly 11th Avenue, arriving at my destination only to find it closed
I had checked their hours last week - they've since instituted summer hours - now closed Saturdays
with that, the original reason for my trip became obviated
but I had a very nice time anyway, set about to a different mission, purposefully wandering and picking up, scavenger-hunt fashion, 'necessary' luxuries

on my journey I spotted more Polyphemus moths - poor things - along Spring Street in Soho
I doubt I would have paid these any special mind but for the visitation earlier at our door

more later my love, as the day progresses...
I hope you're having a wonderful Sunday

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