Sunday, July 31, 2011

Message from Belle to My Friend in Finland, 31 July 2011
... It is a spectacularly gorgeous day today. I went for a walk at a nature preserve nearby, that has views of the blue Catskill mountains and of the Hudson River. The views are spectacular and the weather is particularly clear and bright. Influenced by the Emily Dickinson biography I'm reading, I noted, as I wrote my name in the signin register at the park, "Divinity - revealed." Because on a day like today, if one has had a chance to enjoy such scenery, who wouldn't believe in God. Such a person would have to be insensible indeed!

Here's Emily on the subject (from a letter she wrote in Feb. 1863):

I was thinking, today - as I noticed, that the
"Supernatural," was only the Natural, disclosed -
Well, I'm going to take in more of the wonderful Natural myself just now, take a spin into the countryside to a sheep farm that makes the most wonderful sheep's milk camembert, my favorite - worth a little jaunt with the moon roof open and some good songs on the radio and the sun on my face and the breeze in my hair...

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