Saturday, July 9, 2011

Dear love, I'm back home, and actually have spent the last half hour or so transcribing voluminous notes I wrote on my two-hour train ride home - but damn! they're so boring, I was just scrawling & scrawling trying to get the time to go by. Which it did, the time did fly by, and maybe I'll finish the transcription exercise tomorrow & add a few photos, and just leave it for the record - because truly, even to me - and I'm the one who experienced it, including all the boring bits - it's reading like one big long randomly overheard cellphone conversation. (Real time recording does not in itself = art.)

Missed you very much today, wish we could have been seated together on the train enjoying the marvelous river views, holding hands, sipping wine even on the journey back - that would have been perfect.

Very many kisses, darling.

More tomorrow, I promise - when the editor's in.


P.S. my wrist is perfumed with sweet musky scent - I raise my wrist and inhale

for real right now, up in the aerie

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