Sunday, July 31, 2011

in search of sheep's milk camembert

I know, I know, how many photos of sheep & lambs does one really need? But they were so cute. What I couldn't capture was the redolent odor of hay and manure strong but not unpleasant in the stalls; a pervasive gentle chorus and solos of baaahs and maaahs; my voice above the bleating din cooing aren't you cute, aren't you sweet, look at you; back at the car fashioning roughhewn snack with fingers, rapaciously prying smudge from semiround,
tearing end off sourdough baguette; afterward, on start back home along country roads, devouring pillowy wedge with delighted tongue, savoring tangy cream wedged in salt earthy crumb - perfect complements, sensuous and delectable; and driving glorying in limegreen, inhaling fingers lingering, morning perfume in crook of arm, imagining you inhaling other places inhaling, with devouring kiss strangled sigh exclaiming...

thinking of you

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