Sunday, July 3, 2011

Dearest, the rain has begun to pelt yet again outside my windows, it's been raining on and off all day, with rumbles of thunder like distantly approaching artilleries, appropriate sonic effects for the Fourth of July. How are you my love? Was that you hitting on my blog via the Francis Bacon image, and later a related Frankenstein one, my dearest Monster? You had me worried a bit, that something was wrong, that you were unhappy - if that was you. I am much happier these days, and feel very close to you, having found a way out of my troubles. It's a bit timeconsuming though (oh but the payoff) and so I've been starting wine o'clock an hour later, otherwise truly I wouldn't get anything done. Given the invention of batteries (when??) I wouldn't trade places with anyone back in time. It is such a miracle, the focus and release, the convergence, it's another state of being, transcendent. Where have I been? I am feeling evangelical on the subject.... Don't Miss Out!!! And it's you, darling, it's you, during and when I'm done and lie back in a heap and recollect myself. I hope - well, I guess I hope that there's some experience on your end that's similar, reciprocal, whatever it may be, and that in this way too, you think of me - to the rafters and through the skylight and into the clouds and up to the stratosphere and to just the right level of heights that you can forget yourself, that you're not with me, because you are with me, and there we are in some other dimension, a wrinkle in the space-time continuum, in fulfillment of a quantum mechanical proof of infinite ecstasy.

And, as I drift back down here to earth from scaling heights (or is it plumbing depths, or is it the supremely light pointed exquisite barest contact), I will remind you that in my Vitruvian way I can get other things done too, dash off a prose poem, bake a cherry pie, feel proud that nearly three years of daily walks & workouts have paid off in many ways, including self-discovery - and at the moment I'm figuratively pointing at my new pretty pink top, very formfitting, and I can just get away with it, thanks to sustained work, and tomorrow - because today due to all the rain there was no walk, and due to humidity too wilty for a workout - I will redouble my efforts, because I like that I look nice in such a top. A Holy Grail of tops, I might add, I have had the hardest time finding just the right one to go with my floral diaphanous skirt - and at this moment, up from siesta, I am enjoying having back on the perfect outfit, skimming, light, and cool on such a day, sultry in so many ways

Silliest post ever, sweetheart, and I am just full of a mix of wondrous feelings right now. I wish I could take your hand now and say, come take a walk with me darling, the rain has stopped, it's almost seven so the sun isn't too strong, we'll walk hand in hand and I'll show you the creek and maybe we'll spot a deer, or a doe and her fawns - but before we set off, here have a taste of this beautiful pesto I whipped up from basil and parsley and other great stuff - green paste of the gods - isn't it marvelous, the garlicky silk effusion? For dessert, berries in the garden are ripening, taste a couple from my hand darling, then mine...

Many kisses

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