Friday, December 3, 2010

Me, yesterday: "I feel full to bursting with wanting to express something this morning, but what?"

Today, 1:09 p.m. my time, someone in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia (4:09 a.m. Saturday) lands on my blog, having entered the following google search engine phrase, which I include here verbatim:
My Soul is oozing out of my body like a gush of Fire With my face absolutely content, my arms wide open, I am bursting - For I am embracing something. And I start spinning, the spark gets more fierce Giving rise to a fire within and around. The faster i move, the more i glow. This goes on till a drop of rain falls on me and I stop moving - I begin to enjoy. Now, I start fancying the rain - for it simply provides pleasure I start getting more and more outward, less fierce, more real. I am convinced that this is the best yet But then i realize it's getting gloomy - I sense a storm It quickly turns from pleasure to pain - F*** rain! All that is left is a spark, trust, hope which After feeling the heat, the love - Never Die! It shall wait for these apparent pleasurable rains to dry For the Godly winds shall help the spark ablaze.

From email message to my Finnish friend, earlier today
Dear J, Thank you so much sharing your exquisite watercolor images with me. I am enjoying them greatly, and they very much gave inspiration to my blog post yesterday evening. I love each image whole, and am also finding the details, greatly magnified as they spontaneously enlarge on my computer screen, breathtaking in texture and the overlaid play of sheer colors and light. I'm reminded (perhaps) of an online NY Times "slide show" I glanced at at the library yesterday, photographic images of the brain from a recently published book. Actually, I like your images much better, for the palpable sense of hand, and of the beautiful mind that created them...

Feeling such a sense of frustration at the moment that I don't have an adequate image to post, only partly because I haven't requested or otherwise received my friend's permission to post his images. He sent them to me in a huge zip file, which keeps stalling out my computer - it's okay though - it's worth it. The beauty of the enormous file is that small details of his images are blown up without distortion, at perfect resolution, as though seen under an electron microscope. The detail revealed is absolutely extraordinary, revelatory - mystic, in the way the Brisbane google search engine phrase is mystic (is it a poem by a mystic poet? does anyone know? or is there a current Emily or Walt in Australia?). A glimpse of one of those watercolor details - any random one of which is a beautiful composition in itself - is what I wish very much I had the capability to post. Ah, perhaps another time. So sorry to frustrate, my dear readers. Perhaps this post can be considered a placeholder. Je reviens - I hope.

Sleep well, Brisbane - Finland too.

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