Sunday, December 12, 2010

Gaudete Sunday

Good morning darlings. The world outside is cold and gray, scrim of even pall within a vast globe of glass. Elsewhere on the planet somewhere skies are blue - maybe even, miles above, right here...
Outside the windows rain patters and pours, but within the walls of this old, cross-gabled house all is cozy, calm, and warm. I have become the mistress of arranging little slumber parties for my cats - witness here, as the peaceable feline kingdom drifts and gently snores to seasonal sounds of Celtic harp and flute on the stereo.

I myself am still lingering in my robe. Have just enjoyed, for the third day in a row, my new favorite breakfast, a small softly cooked omelet with feta melted and folded into the middle, on a bed of lightly wilted spinach. I should have taken a picture, but thought of it too late plus am not much of a food stylist. But
as I go over my little week in review this quiet Sunday morning, I post for the record a photo of Asian dumplings I made. They may not look like much but were delicious, made of shrimp, scallion, cilantro, minced ginger, soy sauce, sesame oil, and fresh lime, wrapped in Vietnamese dumpling skins, hard seashell pearl discs that magically softened when placed for a matter of seconds in a pan of hot water.

Happy, or blessed
Third Sunday of Advent
Lighting kyntillät for you
against the gray,
rejoicing in your presence
and in the warm even light.

images: Jarkko Pylväs: Adventti Kynttilät, watercolors, 2010

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