Sunday, December 5, 2010

From the Emily Dickinson Lexicon:
candle (-s), n. [OE < L. cande-re, to shine.] (webplay: Lord).
1. Light; radiation; [fig.] sunlight; (see Job 29:3).
2. Lamp; firelight; cylindrical tube of wax with a burning wick that gives off light for a long period of time; (see Proverbs 31:18).
3. Star; source of light; luminary in space; [fig.] vision; revelation; illumination; divine life force; spirit of enlightenment;(see Revelation 22:5).
5 December 2010, Message from Belle to Jarkko
Dear Jarkko, I was searching high and low for words - others', or my own - to accompany your beautiful watercolors. In the end - I thought they were loveliest by themselves.

The images are working their magic on me - earlier today I opened up a dresser drawer that I haven't gone into in a while - in it were a few summer cotton tees, in sherbet shades of tangerine, lime, and pink - and I thought - oh! the colors in Jarkko's paintings!

Welcome color, on a day where otherwise here, outside, all is blanched and gray - and now there are a few snow flurries - the first I've seen so far this season -

Thanks so much again, Jarkko. Best wishes, Belle

P.S. to the google draftblogger people - I wished so much to place the candle images (at the top of this post) side by side and wasted - yes, wasted - an entire hour trying to second-guess html codes and the like. Why can I not place two tiny images side by side if I wish? I am so frustrated.

Posting this now, even if the formatting isn't what I desired.

Time to listen to Women of Note, drink ice-filled rosé, and - yes - vacuum the house. Do you imagine I clean the house while entirely sober? Of course not. I wait til after five though - a most civilized hour.


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