Monday, December 27, 2010

la double vie de Gwynnie

11:12 p.m.. She's back! I woke up, went on the computer for a couple of minutes, and before heading back to bed thought, let me check at the back door one last time. There she was! She doesn't even seem that much worse for the wear, or that nonplussed, though the fur on her underside is icy, and she ran straight for the food. I woke D with the happy news. We couldn't be more thrilled and relieved. Claire, Rafe, & Penelope had been starting to look for Gwynnie, miss her in their ways, and as I sat at the computer a few minutes ago Claire & Penelope even seemed to be starting to cooperate/coordinate. Thank God Gwynnie's back. As much as I would love for everyone to get along, I wasn't quite ready for Claire & Penelope to become new BFF's. Love you all, my very dearests, XOXOXO. Feliz Navidad, dearest sprite.


Claire & Gwynnie

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