Sunday, March 6, 2011

Dearest love, thinking of you this peaceful Sunday morning. I'm about to shower and dress and go for a walk. My fingers tap on the keys. I remember with pleasure a small dream from last night, we were together in bed, holding each other, beautifully and wordlessly touching. On the stereo now relaxing music plays, a radio program called Sunday Brunch. The host has a wonderful bedroom voice that fits with the langorous music. Outside all is damp and gray, and slowly the ice and snow banks are receding. And there are now some glimpses of last fall's faded green, and yesterday, poking through the soil in one of the borders - the start of daffodil shoots. I think of you and your smile, go over little scenes I remember of you, glimpses, review them in my mind as if going through, one by one, a precious collection of cherished snapshots. My back to the room as I played, I turned my head to steal a glance at you, and was surprised to see you beaming me back at me, our eyes joyfully meeting, we beamed across the room at each other for a delighted moment.  Or the split second you passed behind my chair and lightly touched my back, no one could have noticed but it was electrifying to me. And the way you looked standing in the doorway in your suit, so handsome. Or your surprisingly weighing in (yes!) on my making more of that concoction - that was really amusing to me, your charming exuberance -  I laugh now to think of it. So, darling, if you haven't left already, let me send you off with many hugs & kisses. Thinking of you always, with all my love.   Kisses there, there, and there - on your lips, your cheeks, your brow - all over beloved sweet you, my darling.  XOXO

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