Monday, September 27, 2010


Plein Air writing workshop, led by Kathe Izzo, on the grounds of Olana, Hudson, NY, Sunday, September 26, 2010
Plein Air, meaning "open air," is a term traditionally used to describe painting outdoors but is rarely taught as a writing practice. The workshop will explore memoir and creative writing, using nature as a metaphor for looking back on life. Kathe Izzo's provocative exercises set the tone and the grounds of Olana set the mood.
Writing Exercise #3
For this exercise find a detail that speaks to you of the extravagance of nature...
The tree tosses off pine cones
as though they're nothing.
I can't draw a perfect circle
or a perfect oval
yet here without me
or anyone else looking
the tree has produced
a miniature cathedral
reminding me of the
ancient brown church
at the turn of the road.
The pine cone viewed
from above is a rose,
an origami trick of
whorled brown petals.
Here - this is for you -
I do this all the time.

At the risk of being too literal...

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