Thursday, June 7, 2012

Hi sweetheart, up in the aerie, doing battle with weeds some of the day, also finally planting seedlings of zinnia, cosmos, and nigella (I don't even know what the latter looks like in bloom) into the raised beds, which also I weeded. So - no workout today - though surely weeding counts, that's fine -- I don't mean to be so abstracted & decadent. The fittest I ever was, physically, was the summer in my teens, that I spent as a chambermaid in Ogunquit. Stripping beds & cleaning baths every day -- the weight will just drop off, and beautiful muscle tone form.

I'm in a bit of shock at the moment -- oh, I'm fine, it's just turned me a bit cranky -- it seems that an American nun with a fine mind of her own, who ran afoul of the Vatican recently -- isn't the only one. A "friend" of mine who, it turns out, is also of the patriarchal, hardline, fanatically religious set -- has visited my blog of late, and it seems actually reading a few of my posts, as opposed to onanistically landing on it via searches of his own name, which is his usual. Oh well, the guy --- in a land far far away -- is a fragile sort -- and now I'm sensing that perhaps some friend of his, is the one who has played some mischief.... oh who knows, it's just a bit of a shocker, for me to be denounced, as possibly having a porn addiction, and is L'fer behind it, and stuff like that. Jeez. Oh - the latter, right there - probably shouldn't have said that.

And the stupid thing is -- or not stupid - but the truly upsetting.... this "friend" of mine from one of those lands, where the sun never sets, not far from Russia, where the sun rarely rises --

Sorry, darling... I have completely lost my thread, because this silly contretemps has vexed me

Mostly I'm thinking about someone I've just met, and it was just electric.

I've pulled my ad, and quit responding to a few stragglers... oh truly, I feel telepathic sometimes -- one can tell energy - or lack thereof - coming from someone, even on the 'net.

I think of coyoteman, and his wise counsel to me, and his beautiful life
and of the lovely brave man I went to the movies with last week, at the Quad

I'm not addicted to porn, and I'm not 'looking for mister goodbar' - a seventies reference

but I really enjoyed those kisses the other night
that was something wasn't it -- you?
once every random hundred, or thousand years,
to be able to gaze at the sun like that
and smile, and laugh, and hold the gaze, and kiss some more
because the Transit of Venus, that rare celestial event,
happened around six p.m.
just around the time you and I had the urge to flee the sunlit room-
isn't it just too public in here?
and so we took our drinks and settled on the couch
and -- perhaps at the precise moment when Venus was transiting the Sun --
someone kissed someone
I hardly know who started it
and then we stayed, Venus transiting
the Sun shining
oh my

so anyway -- it wasn't 'porn addiction'
as in the eyes of some love and sun starved fanatics
in Northern Europe
God what a drag that set is
I really feel for the Greeks
so - the book got thrown at me -
by some patriarchal --- oh, ugh...

I'm glad you enjoy my blog
and here comes the sun now, shining

yes - I am grounded,
I weeded, I vacuumed, I've written this piece

my session with the toys didn't go well
no, not because I'm obsessed, or addicted
but because I wish to bestow very real kisses
on you-know-who
and that's a HUGE distraction
from run-of-the-mill-whatever porn

No, I wish to kiss you, big time
with all that that means
the way we did
that time
in that place that wasn't -
but you thought, with all those antlers
was like an Adirondack lounge

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