Friday, June 1, 2012

Hello darlings, just a quick note tonight to check in, back from the city - Manhattan, that is - where I had a lovely lunch (grilled calimari salad for me, a shared bottle of pinot grigio, soft bruschetta fingers that came with a savory red puree, I'm guessing of tomato, red pepper), saw a couple of films, and enjoyed a couple of drinks comparing notes after. Nothing to report except that I've had a wonderful stay here, full of adventures and no misadventures (not to say that I haven't been naughty, I have been, but trust me, I could have been way naughtier, but in my divided brain, that takes time to process, for this evening Athena (or whoever) won out, which was all just as well), and having been whisked home - I mean Brooklyn - I'm sipping pink ice filled wine now, and I have my dinner made, angel hair pasta with pesto sauce, and a beautiful salad. It's turned so chilly I've gone a step beyond shutting off all fans, to shutting the windows. I'm freshly showered, sitting here with a towel wrapped around me - it's too chilly to be in the nude. I've actually been working on another post, that I started drafting this morning, trying to capture my impressions - before they flee - of my visit yesterday to the Met. But I haven't finished it, and I need to polish it some more -- if only to get in proper paragraph breaks, because somehow, working off my friends' Mac, paragraph breaks have to be special-coded, which I hadn't done, and I'm too busy writing usually to bother with learning new HTML codes -- oh, so anyway, it isn't that I suddenly devolved upon landing in Gotham, in that my posts have been so if not overlong then certainly run-on. Anyway, warmest and fondest and most loving hugs & kisses, and I wish you were with me and we could -- you know. All my love, and sweet dreams -- Belle

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