Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Hello darling, up in the aerie, the sun is shining, I'm in a top, braless, and panties, having skipped a more targeted, abstract workout with bands & weights, in favor of bending, stretching, and stooping to weed portions of the garden, including the "woodland" border, where the spreading perennial groundcover, sweet woodruff, with its cheerful star-shaped foliage, mischievously ignores the vast brown weed-strewn patches, and jumps birch-log rails, into the lawn, insistently wishing to cavort with the barely-mown grasses. So I did a bit of disciplining of the gallium -- well, not really -- I just adjusted the birch log divides so as to form a barrier - for the time being anyway - between the exuberant ground cover & the outside world. In other areas, such as a little path between either half of this perennial border, I summarily scooped up big handfuls of the sweet woodruff, and roughly dug it into upland bare patches where I hope it might adhere.

And then I did some major weeding -- of weeds, shallow-rooted but waist-high -- in the area of the Four Raised Beds, in advance of planting therein, seedlings of zinnia and cosmos that I started in trays from seed. I know the rabbits, gerbils, mice, voles, moles, and deer will thank me for fresh vegetative matter introduced into the fenced utterly permeable square -- the deer, groundhogs, and maybe hares too I suppose simply jump.

Through all of this I've been thinking of other steps for myself, as very wonderful men of my recent acquaintance have suggested to me... and I'm trying to get myself to it, but it's still a problem that I can't quite seem to solve... well fine, I might be in possession of some fine free-and-clear, or setting-me-on-the-road to such paperwork --- but if I'm homeless -- then what of it? I don't know. I completely understand the necessity, inevitability, the way this cruiseliner's been heading for a long time... it's still not easy.

And that's it, I'll content myself for the moment, as I sit here in my underwear, tapping keys, June late day sun blazing (oh that's a treat, after the week's chilly gloom), mowers in the distance going, birds calmly chirping. I hope all is well with you... I had a wonderful session this morning, horizontal, and my mental imagery had so much to do with the most mind-blowing kisses -- of which... it's just not the same at all, when you're in it, really in it, exploring... as watching some compilation...


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