Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Hi my dearest Minotaur, putting my arms around you and kissing you hello. Am I to take it that you too had a fine siesta? That's how I interpret 18 page hits within one minute, champion decoder that I am. Still, I can't figure out if you're in the lowlands or if you're "lawnchair field guy back" which I interpret that you're back here for a "Kinkade Thanksgiving." Okay, so some of the clues I don't quite get - but hit me over the head with your bifacial handtool already when you find me via "picasso minotaur lover." I think of you too, sweetheart, to great effect.

Darling I smell so nice right now - I just spritzed on a drop of Miss Dior, a reward after my workout, along with a glass of pink wine -- the Edith Piaf diet plan - La Vie en Rosé.

Yet another dreary day, today a little more officially so, as it rained off & on. It's damp, so it feels chilly in the house, even though it's quite mild out. So the pellet stove is chugging away, cheery flames flickering behind glass & giving off heat into the solarium (Penelope's figured that out and moved herself to the center of the settee to take full advantage). I rather extravagantly turned on the heat upstairs this morning, but I had to, for the sake of eros which doesn't do well at all if I'm beneath covers, I need not to be, though an old, ripped ivory cashmere sleeping cardigan with pearl buttons - all unbuttoned - is just the lightest layer I need - and eventually even that has to be thrown off. I close my eyes. I'm in a motel room. No I'm in a massage parlor. No I'm in a library. No I'm in a museum with a lot of cases. You're this way. Then that way. No the other way. Sometimes I'm me. Then I'm you. A lot of times I'm you. Or just a part of you. Desperate, animal, wanton. Skilled, increasingly focused, intent. Burrowing deep within, bristles loaded with paint, releasing with glorious abandon in duskmost inner reaches of rose-caverned wall, inspired spends of effulgent white.

Okay sweetheart - now here I'm thinking more Chauvet Caves than "pastel whistler." Though I do love all those "falling rocket" hits...

xoxo darling
wherever you are
(always in my heart)

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