Sunday, October 17, 2010

Late afternoon, so beautiful out. It's been a strange week and at the moment I feel I've been through the wringer, a bit. Not in a bad way. I don't know. I'm feeling tired at the moment, I meant to lie down but a pressing, engaging & delightful correspondence kept me going in the afternoon. I'm totally rambling. This whole week felt like one missed connection or misfired synapse or "thing that wasn't meant to be" or wrong turn after another. This morning was no exception. I dreamt overnight, vivid dreams, I was being fĂȘted (ha!) for some unrecognized something - oh anyway. That's all I recall. What I mean is (can you tell I'm tired - and no, it's not the rosĂ© - not yet) I rolled out of bed around 7:30 and thought - I have missed the entire Chatham Film Festival, between nor'easters and Lyme disease and all kinds of other small and large snafus. I remembered that there was a Nicole Kidman film that was supposed to play at nine this morning - called Rabbit Hole. (My mood exactly.) I googled it, glimpsed enough of the headlines to wish instantly to pounce - words along the lines of sublime, perfect, best, etc. D was utterly incredulous that I wanted to fly out of the house so quickly.

We got it together and I dropped him off in town at 8:25 and flew miles along Route 66 to the village of Chatham. I parked in the small, oddly empty village parking lot. I know the drill by now, having to buy the film festival ticket in advance, at the town hall. A dead ringer for Dick Cheney (same age, look, friendly eye contact, crooked smile, Wyoming wear) smiled at me. I headed up the town hall steps - the doors were locked. Okay, so then I crossed the village main street and walked along the closed shops. The village was just waking up, in a Sunday way. A family disembarked a vehicle for breakfast. Who's hungry? rhetorically asks blustery Dad, gamely rousing his nuclear family; two childish squeals in response, me, me!, as the wife follows behind. Across the street I stood outside the theatre - dark. It wasn't so Twilight Zoney so much as - I thought the film festival was still on, ending today. What day is it? I couldn't for the life of me remember the calendar date today. I felt as though I myself had fallen down a Rabbit Hole, pretty much as I've been feeling on & off all week. Finally I asked a tall good-looking expensive weekender type wandering out of someplace wielding a fat Sunday Times. Even that didn't go straight. Is the film festival this weekend? He nodded - coming weekend. (But it's the weekend now!) Not today? No. I guess I had never taken mind of the calendar dates, only had erroneously (for weeks now) thought of it as "the weekend after we go to Brooklyn."

Make lemonade.... Well okay. The morning was spectacular. I was Up & Running bright & early, there was fresh-baked bread to be had at the lovely bakery, a beautiful drive back, I wouldn't have to eat cold Chinese food for breakfast in a dark theatre -- all kinds of things to celebrate! And when I called D from home to tell him that I'd been mistaken he couldn't have been nicer about it - maybe we were both happy that the morning had taken off on an unexpected yet serendipitous turn.

Nice dress rehearsal for attending the festival - next weekend. I'm so glad I didn't miss it.

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