Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Autumn in the bayou. Back from an early morning walk at the conservation area. Steam clouds obscure the mountains, tree trunks are black against a field of maize foliage. The weather is tropical and steamy and I was just in my shirtsleeves. Bright cranberry sumac pops in the gray overcast. I had the place to myself except for mysterious rustlings in the thickets and a small memory came to me, did your dog run up to me and startle me once? And possibly, just possibly you quipped something perhaps slightly off-color? I think I was a bit taken aback and forgot all about it til recent days, then I started to remember about the dog, and only this morning, lying in bed, your comment - unless I've made it all up. And of course - it might not even be you. Well, I forgive your comment entirely. And if you were aware of my blog then it's hardly surprising. I can't even put a time when this happened. Was it this spring? The spring before? Speak, memory! (Or you, sometime.)

Last night's post, I hope you liked it but I don't feel satisfied with it. It could have used a bit more editing, but after a bunch of tweaking I simply had to run. The Stella by Starlight version I posted is different from the one I heard on KZE - that one I really was swaying to and imagining dancing to. The spread of leaves under the maples did remind me of dropped skirts - could I not have left it at that?! But you'll forgive me, won't you. Another day to botch another description... I'll give it a try, I promise.

There, I hope this post is SFW for you. I don't even know what a jam band is. Have a wonderful day at the office. Later. XOXO

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