Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I lay in bed this morning slowly waking, savoring an image that we were alone together in a room somewhere. I wore a beautiful long silk dress and you slipped the straps from my shoulders. The gown skimmed down along my body and settled as a pool of iridescent gray-green at my feet. I stood naked before you and you took me in your arms and kissed me the way and in places I love to be kissed.

This afternoon I drove along Route 9, past maples, tall, slender, soignée and ablaze, in various states of lush deshabillée, panties flung, flame-colored skirts dropped, flayed in artfully passionate readiness.

Later as I went about chores, Stella by Starlight came on the radio and I imagined dancing with you. I don't know how to dance, not really but imagine that you do. I wear a slinky dress, and we hold each other close. We inhale, touch, breathe each other in deeply, move together to the intoxicating music.

Thanks, United States.

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