Thursday, October 28, 2010

enough about me

The most beautiful hour now, on a most beautiful day, more like April or August than just before November. I gave the house a good once-over, including cleaning the baths (always an achievement), I've got a big pot of chicken paprikash on the stove, KZE hasn't played any David Gray at all today so I'm hoping he's up soon, Penelope just barfed all over a pile of New York Reviews which caused me to start cursing at her but I held back, but D's going to have to clean that up, I am spent after all that vacuuming, dusting, and wiping walls & floors.

So, what's new with you?

I was thinking earlier, as I chopped onions for the paprikash, how I feel as though we've been on a very long first date - and all I've ever done, the whole time the maitre d' sat us, we ordered drinks, the amuse bouche arrived, another drink, we perused the menus, the candlelight flickered, I checked you out, you checked me out - the whole time I've done nothing but talk about myself. The whole time. The four-and-a-half months I'm aware of, since mid-June when I first became aware of - and in the parking lot on your car wasn't there a U.S. sticker and I did make the association, and it gave me pause, but thought it was me being too literal yet again. Anyway, I just want you to know (as the music plays and candlelight flickers and I continue babbling on and on and on about myself as always on this crazy first blind date and I like mine medium-rare but it's a nice thing to share a pasta as an appetizer the way they do in Italy) that I'm actually a very good listener and I am (at least theoretically) interested in you, you are not just the cyberspace equivalent of a 70s Pet Rock (I never understood them then, do better now) -- oh, I just ran out of steam. I'll put down the menu and let you order, I'm just going to look out the window now at the beautiful setting sun - no, wait, where am I -

I hope you can tell from this loopy post that I'm in a fine mood, the house is clean, I'm tired though. I hope you've been having a fine day and even though we've just met and all I've done is talk incessantly about myself - well, XOXO. I like the message inscribed on that bench. Something or other about "a life distinguished by significant choices." That phrase gives me pause.

Man the light is beautiful just now up in the aerie, and Dar Williams just sang a song, The Babysitter's Here, that reminded me of my babysitting days 40 years ago. I was a great babysitter! I loved the S's especially because Mr. S had a cache of Playboys under the settee which I'd spend hours paging through and completely turned me on. The L's had The Joy of Sex on their nightstand and that was interesting too, though not really a turn-on.

Oh, the waitperson would like our order. What is it that you like anyway - darling?


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