Friday, June 25, 2010

June 13. These days around five o'clock, or 4:30, or quarter to in the afternoon, dawn breaks, the welcome aurora from the west. One sun begins to sink while the other comes instantly to light. I won't see it for a while, and shall have to imagine that at midnight here the sun somewhere blazes, doesn't set at midnight there, and even in its eternal, powerful restless glow I sometimes flash across its mind.
Good morning darling. I've decided to believe that it's you. I don't know for certain, I just have to decide that it's so. Not a matter of faith, but of determination. Proof would be nice but I'll have to do without it.

Scanning WKZE overnight playlist, song titles that buoy me: Satellite Sky (Priscilla Herdman) and Alaska (Strangefolk).
So you see?

Beautiful morning. Humidity broke. Pink strawberry pancakes for breakfast. Back from walk. Wild rosa rugosa in bloom. Hawks, mystery birds, and small planes wheeling. River shimmery. Mountains blue. Mood no longer so. Must shower again to remove bug spray. Miss Miss Dior. Love you dearly. Basketful along the wire.

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