Sunday, October 30, 2011

Hello darling, we have our October back - colorful foliage, sunshiny sun... and melting snow. This will be a fairly quick, or not too penetrating a post, I'm a bit distracted, and not by myself, D's painting the stairs. It's a nice color, that 'frothy cappuccino', not too different from what's on the walls now, just cleaner. The light is so beautiful just now, autumnal again - golden, streaming in. After yesterday's momentary unwanted plunge into winter we were all dreading that there'd be an extra month of it, but today felt like springtime. Though the inclement weather did impel me to take advantage of a buy-one-get-one-for-$1 sale at a local department store - and so I bought a warm hat & gloves for $31. (You do the math! Look - if algebra had involved problems such as that I might have aced it, not all those trains crisscrossing back and forth between Chicago and Lincoln, Nebraska, leaving at different times. Was I purposely steered into the liberal arts with lonesome problem sets such as that? No - I'll learn multiplication & decimals fast enough if you ask me to calculate the sales tax on a $9 item.)

So sweetheart, are you with the three lovely ones, which reminds me that I need to see (preferably see, rather than read) the relevant Chekhov play - really, I know very little of Chekhov - Uncle Vanya (filmed version - Vanya on 42nd Street), The Cherry Orchard (which I saw back in the 70s at Lincoln Center, in a production that featured the not-yet-famous Meryl Streep), and a handful of his short stories. But you know, I'm glad I discovered him.... he's someone I find myself returning to, and thinking about...

An odd day, no workout or walk - now, that's exceedingly rare. I miss a daily walk about as frequently as I miss a daily post - which is to say next-to-never (though I don't wish to jinx myself). But the day was topsy-turvy that way. My initial plan was to meet up with an acquaintance for a guided landscape tour of the Persian-inspired estate, but the event was canceled (or so we think) due to the snow - which would have obscured most landscape features anyway. But she & I managed to get together anyway. She suggested that we catch a play in town, that I hadn't even been aware of, but that instantly sounded interesting... we had a good time, the play was good (more on that another time, as I think about it more, and when I'm better able to focus).

And that's it darling, for the moment. I'm glad you've landed safe & sound, I'm glad for an awful lot, including that I'm not so self-reliant - that I have you to write to, you my muse. I hope you're having a wonderful time. Oh I am frustrated, not only did I miss my daily walk. Oh sweetheart, dusk is coming - aren't you glad it's not standard-time yet? Which in the bad-old draconian days it would have been, as of today. Instead - barring more blizzards - we have another week in which we can pretend it's still the warm-weather months.

Must run. D's breaking out the 'terrazzo brown.'

Many kisses. Love you. Hope all's well & happy. xoxo

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